Viscostat Ultradent

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Hemostatic Gel 20%  Ferric Sulfate
Made in USA.

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Dr. Dan Fischer – History of Viscostat
Tissue Management

ViscoStat hemostatic is a 20% ferric sulfate equivalent solution with inert binding agents in a viscous, aqueous vehicle. It has a pH of ~1.0 and contains patented,
fumed silica to limit the acidic activity, making it kind to hard and soft tissue.

Technical Details

Provides Profound Hemostasis in Seconds

The faster hemostasis can be achieved, the faster you can perform quality dentistry for the patient. For most cases, ViscoStat hemostatic solution provides profound hemostasis in just a matter of seconds.

Kind to Hard and Soft Tissues

With a pH of approximately 1, ViscoStat hemostatic solution is one of the kindest hemostatics to be placed against mineralized tooth structure. ViscoStat hemostatic is formulated with patented binding and coating agents to protect tissue while achieving profound hemostasis and sulcular fluid control in seconds.

Viscous Consistency

ViscoStat hemostatic solution is formulated with a patented fumed silica to buffer acidity and offer a more viscous consistency that will not run or drip. This makes precise placement of ViscoStat hemostatic easy, regardless of the location in the mouth.

Decreases Costly Impression Remakes

Quality tissue management is essential to accurate impressions. When impressions are made with fluid present in the sulcus, the quality of the impression suffers and the impression often needs to be remade. Because ViscoStat hemostatic eliminates bleeding and sulcular fluid, it creates the optimal environment for perfect impressions.


Tissue Management Is the Key to Quality Direct and Indirect Restorations

Easy to Dispense with the IndiSpense Syringe

Hemostasis and Fluid Control

Protects Tissues and Leaves Smear Layer Intact



Tissue Management Technique Step by Step

See Instructions for Use for complete instructions, warnings, and precautions.

Step 1

With the Dento-Infusor™ tip, scrub hemostatic firmly against cut bleeding tissues until bleeding stops.

Step 2

Give firm air/water spray to remove residual coagulum and to test for profound hemostasis. If bleeding continues, repeat.
Step 3

After complete hemostasis has been attained, excellent retraction is achieved using Ultrapak™ knitted cord placed with the Ultrapak™ packer


Tissue Management Sales Sheet


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1.2 ml Syringe, Refill 30ml


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